Dental post – Vall-cer

Dental post

VALLPOST™ zirconia dental posts

VALLPOST™ zirconia dental posts are:

  • intended for the retention of the coronal restoration in endodontically treated teeth that have suffered an extensive loss of crown substance,
  • made of a specially selected zirconia ceramic, which has been thoroughly tested for its physical and mechanical properties as well as for chemical stability and is proven to be a superior choice for a long-lasting therapeutic results.

VALLPOST™ zirconia dental posts are available in various dimensionally distinct variants suitable for most real-life dimensions of dental-root canals and remainder of the crowns.

Advantages of VALLPOST™

Zirconia dental posts with root-canal part diameter of 1.2 mm

Zirconia dental posts with root-canal part diameter of 1.4 mm

Zirconia dental posts with root-canal part diameter of 1.6 mm

Zirconia dental posts with root-canal part diameter of 1.8 mm

Advantages of VALLPOST™

Transmission of stresses from post to dentine – apparent reduction of elastic modulus

Increased surface area of bottom retention ring beneficially facilitates the lowering of the transmission of stresses from post to dentine more than 10-times compared to the conventional rod-shaped posts. With the design of the bottom retention ring by increasing the touching surface area between the post and dentine, the apparent reduction of elastic modulus was achieved, resulting in the significant relief of stress on dentine ultimately affecting the overall durability of the root.

Unique shape of coronal part

The shape of VALLPOST™ post’s coronal part with no symmetricity in different axis enables excellent retention of core build-up to the head of post just due to the small contraction of core build-up material during its solidification, irrespective of the used luting agent (composite or glass-ceramic).

Asymmetric shape of retention rings completely prevents the rotation or removal of core build-up further affecting the overall durability of prosthetic restoration.

Improved bonding

The designed shape of VALLPOST™ zirconia dental post positively affects the bonding between dentine and post improving it in three ways:

  • by increasing the contact area between post and dentine as compared to rod-shaped posts (Fig. a)
  • by changing the shape of the root part from conical to parallel the adhesion is improved due to the contraction of cement during the solidification and consequently increased friction (Fig. b)
  • by exploiting the microretention of the post’s surface the adhesion is improved (Fig. b)

According to all three characteristics of VALLPOST™ zirconia dental-root posts at adequate insertion of the post the adhesion strength is sufficient, which minimizes the possibility of decementation and simultaneously prolong the durability of prosthetic restoration.

Inner ferrule

The carefully designed accompanying size-matching drill, with markers at 1 or 2 mm, facilitates the depth control in making the inner ferrule. The shape of VALLPOST™ zirconia post’s coronal part enables the fitting of post in the pre-prepared inner ferrule.

Material advantages

The zirconia 3Y-TZP bioceramic is recognized and well established biomaterial in dentistry owing to its superior features:

  • metal-free
  • no gray margins
  • improved aesthetic appearance
  • translucent
  • biocompatible
  • chemical inertness
  • high flexural strength
  • fracture toughness
  • wear resistant